mancha f (Spanish; plural: manchas): 1.) stain; mark; blemish; spot; 2.) a disgrace, discredit in one’s reputation

We understand that our politics is not and cannot be pure; we recognize the necessity of holding contradictions. We do not exist in a vacuum, cannot be good or bad, cannot simply be this or that. As Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui writes, “We are ‘impure.’ We are not a ‘pure’ people.” Our politics are shaped by our lived experiences and beliefs; they are also, we argue, tainted by the oppressive forces of capitalism, patriarchy and the state. Yet, we choose to understand our differences, our so-called imperfections–stains and bruises, black eyes and twisted ankles–as opportunities to grow stronger, to better learn to resist.

Mancha magazine is a synthesis of the activist and the scholarly; the theoretical and the practical; the playful and the militant; the generative and the destructive; the beautiful and the hideous. Mancha is a platform for the voices that straddle these divisions to share their insights with a popular audience (enough knowledge has been locked away in the world’s Ivory Towers). We aim to provide content that is rigorous, creative, useful to both activists and communities of struggle–knowledge that functions as a tool against oppression and a catalyst for social transformation.


Submission Guidelines

Mancha accepts submissions from activists, scholars, artists, and all others working within an anti-oppression, anti-capitalist framework. All submissions should be accessible to a diverse popular audience, must align with our mission statement, and should be under 2,000 words. We are accept analysis, essays, interviews, reflections, audio-visual and creative work. At this time, we prefer complete drafts to pitches.

Please expect to wait up to four weeks for a response, so let us know if your pitch is time-sensitive. It is your responsibility to protect the identities of all individuals involved in sensitive activities in your work, either per their request or your discretion.

Pitches must be submitted via email to manchamag@gmail.com as .doc or .docx files with the subject “Submission.”