Migration in Monochrome

This work investigates what is typically referred to as the “European refugee crisis” that is often cited
as beginning in 2015. 1 Migration in Monochrome is a photographic exploration displacement and
diaspora through the documentation of landscapes, symbols, and spaces.

This photo-series intentionally aims to decenter narratives on migration and displacement that focus
and often depend on the objectification of migrants’ body. Therefore, care was taken to completely
avoid or minimally include to people in the photo essay and the few silhouettes visible to not include
the bodies of any migrants or refugees.

These photos were all taken on black and white 35mm Fuji film in a Canon AE-1 camera during what
could be called a “sabbatical” or “vacation for research purposes” (some graduate students may
understand) I took during the summer of 2016. 2

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